Help is Available
"They speak for those who are hurt. They speak to those who hurt. They speak words of healing to those in their hurt."
"They provide a place where I can get real. It's given me hope for today and the future."
"Gave me hope by seeing the person, not the labels."
"They have led where they have been, have taught what they have learned and given out of abundance."
"Have given me courage to talk about my feelings and what has been burdening my heart. They have continuously supported me and my loved ones."
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With the right tools and understanding, anyone can make a real positive contribution to the lives of those impacted by domestic abuse. Masquerade Ministries aims to equip family, friends, community workers, Pastors, church members and community leaders to make a lasting, real change in domestic abuse.

Masquerade Ministries helps people become equipped through workshops, teaching and consultation. We provide reliable up to date information about domestic abuse. Domestic abuse workshops offered:

  • Faith, Family Violence: Receive an understanding of the dynamics of domestic abuse, warning signs to look for in personalities and relationships, how to influence relationships impacted by abuse positively.
  • The Good News for a Troubled Subject: For Pastors and church leaders to learn how to safely and effectively minister to relationships and families impacted by domestic abuse.
  • When I Say I Do: Looking at the marriage covenant in the context of domestic abuse


“They took shame away from the topic of abuse.”

“Thank you for your candid account of your experiences and thoughts.”

“Awesome workshop”

If you would like to learn more or interested in more information click here, or call 403-352-9273.