Help is Available
"They speak for those who are hurt. They speak to those who hurt. They speak words of healing to those in their hurt."
"They provide a place where I can get real. It's given me hope for today and the future."
"Gave me hope by seeing the person, not the labels."
"They have led where they have been, have taught what they have learned and given out of abundance."
"Have given me courage to talk about my feelings and what has been burdening my heart. They have continuously supported me and my loved ones."
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We provide emotional, spiritual support for individuals and families walk through divorce.

Gain from others experience that have walked through divorce. Emotions are high in divorce and it makes all the difference to have peer support and coaching.


“If I had come six month sooner I wouldn’t have been divorced. I was a better husband in my divorce than I was in my marriage because of Masquerade Ministries.”

“They never made me feel pressured to make any choices in my marriage and they never told anyone about my marriage struggles that had been going on for more than ten years.”

You Don’t Have to Be Alone

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