Help is Available
"They speak for those who are hurt. They speak to those who hurt. They speak words of healing to those in their hurt."
"They provide a place where I can get real. It's given me hope for today and the future."
"Gave me hope by seeing the person, not the labels."
"They have led where they have been, have taught what they have learned and given out of abundance."
"Have given me courage to talk about my feelings and what has been burdening my heart. They have continuously supported me and my loved ones."
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Masquerade Ministries wants to see every home safe and healthy in mind, body and spirit. We create a safe place for people to get real with themselves and with others in order to realize the relationships God created them to have in their homes.

Masquerade Ministries achieves this through a variety of services and programs:

  • Individualized ministry for intimate relationships
  • Group coaching and small groups
  • Workshops
  • Support to those who are hurting their loved ones and those being hurt
  • Training, consulting, and ministry partnerships with charities, businesses, non-profit organizations

Our Team

Roy Mitton is a Licenced Minister, a Certified Master Coach, Founder and Ministry Director of Masquerade Ministries and Thriving Families, a commissioned missionary and an authority in Domestic Violence Intervention/Prevention with certified DIAP training.

Tiffany Mitton is a Licensed Minister, Certified Leadership Coach, Founder of Masquerade Ministries and Thriving Families, a commissioned missionary.

Sean Sosa is a Certified Coach Practitioner and Ministry Coordinator of Masquerade Ministries and Thriving Families.          


“They are not afraid to walk into a bad situation. They are focused on the individuals.”

“They gave me hope. Both through their own example and time they have put into my marriage. They have also validated my experience when others didn’t.”

If you would like more information or to book a complimentary session, click below or call 403-352-9273. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to marriage counselling or relationship enrichment please visit Thriving Families.

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