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Our team provides emotional and spiritual support for those impacted by domestic abuse. We are unique because we help those affected by abuse of power in relationships. Masquerade Ministries equips families, friends, communities, Pastors, church members and industry professionals to understand the issues of power and control. This understanding and collaboration will make a lasting change in domestic abuse. Our courses and services are available for all walks of life with no limitation of gender, race, religion or age.

Courses Available from

Masquerade Ministries

“They took shame away from the topic of abuse.”
“Peacemakers allowed me to develop the relationships, family and marriage that I was meant to have.”


About: This thirty week course fosters equality in intimate partnerships through the essential elements of a healthy relationship.

Who: For men who are willing to take the steps that change the pattern of control which cause them to hurt the ones they love.

Why: Once men are given education and community, they can become the solution in achieving a healthy relationship.

“I gained clarity and awareness. No one else understands better than those who have been there. I didn’t feel alone anymore in my hurt. I found myself”


About:  Ladies willing to embark on the journey of overcoming life after abuse in a safe supportive environment of like-minded individuals.

Who: Women wanting to join a judgment free community of other women to overcome the negative impact caused from abuse.

Why: This course helps break the cycle of controlling relationships and replaces it with hope, help and healing.

“Your commitment and messages changed the course of my life immeasurably. You have shown me that there is hope and there can be a future.”

Faith, Family & Violence

About: Learn what defines abuse so that it can be identified allowing  positive change, therefore creating a safer home.

Who: Organizations, families and individuals looking for a deeper understanding regarding the dynamics of domestic abuse.

Why: Bringing awareness by revealing the truth behind the behaviors of abuse and encouraging unity within communities.

“Without judgment I was given the support needed to walk through parenting while experiencing abuse. No one else was willing to be there for me.”

Parenting in Abuse

About: Gain clarity and knowledge to prepare for the dangers, stress and damage caused from abuse.

Who: Parents looking to identify the behaviors that negatively affect children experiencing family violence. 

Why: Through guidance, support and education parents can make a plan to provide the best possible outcome.  



One to One Coaching

Specific courses and services will include one to one coaching and mentorship.

Group Coaching

This is an incredible way to experience coaching as you can learn from others as they share.


Separation & Divorce Support


Post Separation


Divorce Workshop


Parenting Support


The Team

Roy Mitton

Co Founder

For nearly a decade Roy has been on the frontline helping families and individuals get from where they are to where they want to be. He is known for his passion and unwavering support. As a Certified Master Coach, Licensed Minister and expert in Domestic Intervention (DAIP Certified), Roy has a unique approach that creates a positive impact on those he works with. These skills coupled with his personal transformation and life experience, makes Roy an invaluable asset to the team.

Tiffany Mitton

Co Founder

The heart of Masquerade Ministries is from Tiffany’s desire for others to have support and guidance through community and validation. Tiffany is a Licensed Minister and Certified Leadership Coach providing her with a strong platform to make sure no one ever feels alone or forgotten through challenging times. The last decade of Tiffany’s life has been dedicated to advancing Masquerade Ministries into the homes of those who need it. Tiffany’s passion and insight is a key component to the support brought to others.

Sean Sosa

Ministry Coordinator

Sean’s commitment to Masquerade Ministries is rooted in his own personal journey as he spent many years trying to save his relationship. Courses, outreach, counselling and many other avenues were explored and yet nothing seemed to work. When Sean came to Masquerade Ministries, he was offered tools, education and knowledge that he had never seen before. The positive change in Sean’s life was so substantial that he became the Ministry Coordinator and obtained Certificates as a Coach.


Your Thriving Family

Masquerade Ministries is the division of Your Thriving Family that specializes in violence and abuse. We understand these terms can be intimidating, however it is important they are addressed and defined. We assist those who have been impacted by emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and sexual abuse. Knowing that the #1 threat to families is abuse, we understand the importance of having an outlet of support and education that exposes what happens behind closed doors and ends the ‘Masquerade’.

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If you or someone you know is looking for hope and help in relationships or family, please contact us today. Our intake process will determine what courses and support will most benefit your unique situation. We look forward to hearing from you.

“Until I met with the team at Masquerade Ministries I felt incredibly alone and isolated. My family, my church and my friends did not understand the torment in which I was living.”
“With complete confidentiality I was provided with a safe space to share my experience, be honest about my feeling and be validated through my journey.”
“My divorce greatly affected my children, they were given a safe place to talk about their feelings, receive emotional and spiritual support.”
“My sister was experiencing domestic abuse and I had no idea how to be there for her. I not only received the knowledge I needed for her, but the support I needed personally through the process.”

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